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How to Spot a Hazardous Tree on Your Property

Trees are a beautiful feature of any property, but when a tree’s health begins to fail, they can become hazardous: falling branches, leaning trunks, and collapsing trees are dangerous to people and can lead to structural damage. Luckily, you can reduce these risks by keeping an eye out for hazardous trees before they become truly dangerous. When you notice a problematic tree, there are trained arborists at tree service Harrisburg PA that can safely remove the tree before anyone gets hurt.

Take a look at these signs that you have a hazardous tree on your property:

Dead Branches

A couple of dead branches here and there is nothing to worry about, but keep an eye out for large dead branches or entire sections of a tree that have died. Dead branches typically have no foliage and may be dry and brittle to the touch. Given time, these branches will break off and drop to the ground, which can cause serious harm to anyone caught below the falling branch. We use specialized equipment like pulleys and saws to carefully cut away the deadwood and remove it from your property.


A leaning tree can be a sign of trouble – especially if the leaning has developed recently. Some trees naturally grow at an angle, and while it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing tree on your property, it shouldn’t pose a problem. However, when a straight, healthy tree suddenly begins to lean, this is a clear sign of structural problems.

Another red flag is when the soil around the roots of the leaning tree begins to bulge upwards. This is created by roots being dragged to the surface as the tree slowly tips over. A leaning tree accompanied by bulges in soil is always a cause for concern, as the tree can suddenly collapse at any time. Our trained arborists can come out right away to inspect the tree and safely remove it from your yard before it injures anyone or damages your home.


Fungus is a living organism that feeds off of dead or dying plant material. When fungi or mushrooms pop up on a tree, it’s a good sign that the tree is either dead or beginning to die. Dead trees are highly unpredictable and fall at any time, especially in high-winds or stormy conditions. It’s important to have a fungus-covered tree inspected by a professional tree company so they can decide how removal should be handled.

Deep Cracks or Splits

It’s not unusual for trees to have minor splits or cracks on the surface due to their natural growth, but serious cracks are cause for alarm. Deep splits can seriously compromise the structural integrity of a tree, greatly increasing the odds of collapsing or dropping off large branches. A deep crack that runs down the length of the tree and into the ground is especially dangerous and should be professionally taken care of without delay.

Patches of Missing Bark

As a tree ages, it’s normal for it to shed old bark and replace it with a layer of new bark. However, it’s not normal for a tree to lose its bark so the underlying wood is exposed. If you see large patches of missing bark on a tree, it’s a good sign that the tree is either diseased or infested with insects. Sick trees are structurally weaker than healthy ones, and as a result, are much more likely to become a safety hazard.

5 Situations Where You Should Hire a Taxi

 ​If you pay close attention while you’re on the road, you’ll notice that taxis are everywhere. From crowded cities to quiet tree-lined suburbs, taxis are here to help you get around safely and conveniently. Even if you own a car, there are plenty of situations where hiring a taxi makes more sense than driving your personal vehicle.

Here are five situations where you should call a taxi near me:

1. Traveling to the Airport

When you’re planning your next trip that involves air travel, consider taking a taxi to the airport instead of driving. Driving your personal vehicle to the airport can be costly because you have to pay for parking. Your car will also be in a public parking lot instead of safe in your garage, which means it’s exposed to damage from other motorists as well as inclement weather. Taking a taxi is almost always cheaper than the price airports charge to park your car overnight. Plus, taxi drivers will help you load your bags into the car and unload them at your destination, which is a nice perk.

2. Business Trips

Traveling for business presents the exciting opportunity to explore a new city. Chances are you’ll be unfamiliar with the roads and local neighborhoods, which can make driving a rental car stressful. By hiring a taxi, you can instead rely on an experienced driver who knows the city’s roads like the back of their hand. Your driver will also have first-hand knowledge of short-cuts, road conditions, and neighborhood safety. Taxi drivers can be an excellent source of information about the city and give you pointers on hot spots to visit and unsavory areas to avoid.

3. Special Occasions

Heading to a special event in a taxi is a special treat because it gives you the chauffeur experience. Instead of worrying about directions and parking, you can instead focus on getting ready for the event and enjoying yourself once you arrive. Since cabs can arrive at any time of day or night to pick you up, you don’t have the stress of meeting a public transit schedule looming over you. There’s also no need to worry about costly parking fees if your event is in a pricey part of town. Taxis are a perfect way to get to and from birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelor parties, and celebratory dinners.

4. Bars and Clubs

Drinking and driving is dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you can only have a drink when you’re safely at home on your couch. Taking a taxi to a bar, club, or restaurant where you plan to drink is the safest way to get home. Taxi service is available any time of day or night, which means a driver can pick you up even if a friend or relative is unavailable. Unlike public transportation options like buses or trains, a taxi will drop you off right at your doorstep.

5. Tourism

Taxis are an excellent way to get around new cities. Unless you’ve previously visited the area, you’re probably unfamiliar with the city’s roads, landmarks, and neighborhoods. Your taxi driver spends all day on those roads, so they’ll be able to ferry you from Point A to Point B without a hitch. Instead, you can take in the sights without the fear of getting lost. Taking a taxi is also typically more affordable than renting a car, which can be quite pricey and charges by the day on top of fuel costs.

5-Step Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Fall

With summer in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for the strain of winter weather. Cold temperatures, road salt, and ice are just a few weather-related factors that can take a toll on your car. Hazardous driving conditions and shorter daylight hours make for a challenging driving environment, and towing drivers typically notice an increase in emergency towing service during fall and winter. While they’re always standing by to tow your car when you search towing near me, we also want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable on the road this season.

To protect your car from the worst of the damage, it’s best to take care of a few maintenance tasks during fall. Take a look at our 4-step vehicle maintenance checklist:

Check Your Heaters and Defrosters

Heaters play a big role in keeping your car comfortable and safe as temperatures take a dip towards freezing. Fall is the perfect time to turn them on and make sure they’re working properly, especially since they likely haven’t been used all summer. Be sure to check the defrosters as well. Without properly functioning defrosters, you’ll be stuck with a frozen-solid windshield that you have to scrape by hand. Discovering any problems early on in the fall gives you a headstart on having them repaired before winter sets in.

Make Sure Lights Work Properly

Fall means turning back the clock for shorter days and longer nights. Your car will need to be properly illuminated so you can see your surroundings and so fellow motorists can see your vehicle. If you haven’t checked your lights by the end of summer, fall is the perfect time to do so. Check all of your car’s lights, including headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and emergency lights. Replace any burnt-out bulbs and consider cleaning the lights if you notice a build-up of dirt and dust from the summer months.

Ensure Your Battery Is Healthy

Cold weather puts a strain on your vehicle’s battery, especially since weather-related features like defrosters, heaters, and heated seats consume extra power. A dead car battery during winter is not only frustrating but dangerous if you’re stranded out in the cold. To ensure you’re going into winter with a strong, reliable battery, have the battery checked and replaced if necessary.

Schedule an Oil Change

Did you know that cold weather makes oil more susceptible to freezing? Having your vehicle’s oil level topped off will keep the engine well-lubricated throughout the winter. Oil should be changed every 5,000 miles, and many people pack on extra miles during summer thanks to travel or other fun seasonal activities. It’s a good idea to have your oil changed during fall to ensure your engine is working well once winter arrives.

Check Tires

To handle the hazardous road conditions caused by snow and black ice, your tires need to be in good shape for the fall and winter. Inspect the treads for signs of balding, since it reduces traction and makes it more likely to slip in icy conditions. Bald tires should be replaced in the fall, well before the arrival of snow and ice. Check the pressure levels of your tires as well. If the air is too low, you can top them off at a gas station or service center.

Check Windshield Wipers

Winter brings with it snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The only thing protecting your visibility from the worst of the winter weather is a pair of windshield wipers. Wipers don’t last forever, and as they wear down they’ll become less effective at keeping your windshield clear. If you haven’t changed your wipers in a while, now is the time to do so.

4 Projects a Handyman Can Do For You

As a homeowner, there are plenty of projects that you’d like to check off your to-do list, but they might be a little out of your league in terms of the skills or equipment you need to get them done. There are plenty of household jobs that are tougher than the average homeowner wants to undertake but don’t warrant hiring a full-blown contractor or home remodeler. That’s where handyman services come in!

Here are four projects that a local handyman is more than happy to help you accomplish:

Touching Up Paint

Scuffs, marks, and scratches can make your beautiful walls look shabby and in serious need of some TLC. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to hire a painting crew to repaint the room completely. If you still like your current paint color and just need some spot treatment for minor damage, a handyman can take care of that. We can apply touch up paint to walls, baseboards, crown molding, door frames, and more. DIY-savvy homeowners might be able to tackle this project on their own, but keep in mind that a bad touch-up job can attract just as much unwanted attention as a scratch.

Fixing a Clogged Drain

Clogs are pesky and can impact any drain in your home, including the kitchen sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet. Signs of a clog include water draining very slowly or not draining at all. While severe clogs should be handled by a licensed plumber, minor clogs can be taken care of by a handyman. Using tools like a plunger, plumbing snake, and cleaning chemicals, a handyman can clear out the clog and have your drain running smoothly once more.

Putting In a New Faucet

Add new hardware to your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to upgrade the room’s style without breaking the bank or doing an extensive remodel. However, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task! Installing new hardware requires precision and delicacy while connecting it to your existing plumbing. Improperly installed plumbing hardware is prone to leaks, water damage, and other undesirable issues. Some people mistakenly think that this type of work requires an expensive plumber, but that’s not the case. A handyman can make quick work of hardware installation, whether you need a need shower head, kitchen faucet, or shiny new knobs for your bathroom vanity.

Updating a Light Fixture

Light fixtures are a simple and affordable way to update the lighting in your home. Lights can enhance visibility to your kitchen and bathroom, in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere in rooms like your den or bedroom. Fixtures are also available in a wide variety of styles and materials, from sleek and modern to ornate and traditional. Changing a fixture doesn’t require an electrician, but a handyman can make sure it’s done safely and correctly. An improperly installed fixture can lead to unpleasant risks like electric shocks and fixtures literally falling from the ceiling.

Hanging Shelving or Artwork

Hanging a floating shelf or a painting may sound easy in theory, but it requires precision and the ability to anchor them to the wall properly. After all, you don’t want to go through the trouble of hanging a picture only to step back and realize it’s crooked! Handymen use tools like levels to ensure the new feature is installed perfectly parallel to the floor. Heavy features like shelves, decorative mirrors, and large pieces of artwork should be hung over a stud, so they don’t tear out the drywall. Finding studs can be tricky, but a handyman has the training and equipment to make the job look easy.

Affordable Handyman Services Near Me

A handyman can help you with all of these projects but if you’re looking for any type of concrete job to be done at your property, it would be more effective to hire an expert in brick pointing Pittsburgh, for example.   Since handymen don’t specialize in just one area, there’s a wide variety of projects they can help you accomplish, from hanging a light fixture to fixing a clogged drain and more.

Check some projects off your to-do list!

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